Potential Feuds For CM Punk When The Wrestler Returns

When CM Punk began his hiatus from WWE on April 15, the wrestler indicated that after feuds with The Rock and The Undertaker; there was nothing left to accomplish. Punk proceeded to walkout and has not appeared on WWE television since the April 15 edition of Monday Night Raw.

With indications that Punk will be returning to WWE programming in the near future, the questions begs to ask, what is the next feud for the Second-City Saint?

In his absence, WWE has done an admirable job placing Punk in Paul Heyman’s stable. A stable that includes Punk, Brock Lesnar, and the recently introduced Curtis Axle. When Punk returns, it is entirely possible that he once again aligns himself with Heyman and WWE continues to work that angle.

However, there have been subtle hints that WWE may be planning to turn Punk and Heyman against each other. The hints have been given by Heyman himself. While promoting Lesnar and most recently Axle, Heyman has suggested that he was the architect behind Punk’s 435-day reign as WWE Champion.

Punk has developed a character that demands respect. Meaning, it would seem like there could be angle in the works in where Punk believes Heyman is disrespecting him when the controversial manager claims he was the architect behind Punk’s streak.

That could then set-up an angle for WWE Payback. Heyman has been pushing Curtis Axle this past week. Though, with Triple H not returning to WWE programming anytime in the near future and John Cena/Ryback already scheduled for a main event, there is logic to the idea of Punk returning to turn on Heyman.  That would set-up a match between Punk and Axle at WWE Payback.

Once the Punk-Axle storyline concludes, that could clear the way for a potential Punk-Lesnar feud that WWE may be planning to do.

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