The Shield Set For Singles Action On Friday Night Smackdown

The Shield will once again be hyped on Friday Night Smackdown. After title matches on Monday Night Raw, all three members of The Shield will once again be on display during Friday Night Smackdown.

The following matches were taped for Friday Night Smackdown:

Kane vs. Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns

Ryback vs. Kofi Kingston

Sin Cara vs. Curis Axel

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E Langston

Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho

Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose

Tonight will be one of the rare nights that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are in singles action. WWE has typically had Dean Ambrose be the only member of The Shield to compete in singles competition. It is possible that Rollins and Reigns being used in singles matches could be a way for WWE to advance the storyline between Daniel Bryan and Kane. The expectation is that Daniel Bryan and Kane will eventually go their separate ways.

Ambrose vs. Randy Orton is expected to be the main event. This match figures to allow WWE to continue to build towards a tag team match at WWE Payback that sees Orton and Sheamus teaming together to face The Shield. Interesting enough, Sheamus is not on the card for tonight’s edition of Smackdown. Though, one can expect the Celtic Warrior to be involved in the main event along with the other two members of The Shield.

Things to expect include another Paul Heyman promo for Curtis Axel; perhaps Heyman will cut a promo for CM Punk as well; and Chris Jericho will almost certainly have a promo for his match against Punk at WWE Payback.

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