New Theme Music For CM Punk

Earlier this week, WWE superstar CM Punk attended a Rancid concert.

Punk posted this picture of the concert on twitter.

Punk is returning to the WWE this Sunday at WWE Payback and will wrestle Chris Jericho. Punk’s return on Sunday may bring with it new theme music for the WWE superstar.

The lead singer of Rancid, Lars Frederiksen, indicated that he has written a new song for Punk and that it will debut this Sunday at Payback.

Cult of Personality by Living Colour was Punk’s former theme music and that was a hit for Punk fans since the WWE superstar started using it during the summer of 2011.

There has been a lot of speculation about Punk’s return. The expectation by some is that Punk will turn babyface upon his return. A babyface turn for Punk would be ideal at Payback as Punk will be returning while competing in his hometown and is likely to generate the best pop from the crown on Sunday.

A babyface turn would also set-up the storyline for Punk to go against Paul Heyman and eventually wrestle Brock Lesnar. The change of music could be an indicator that a character change is coming for Punk as well.

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