Ryback Needs To Return To Babyface Character

In what is becoming a theme lately, WWE missed a golden opportunity.

The golden opportunity that was missed was when WWE turned Ryback into a heel. There is no question that over the course of last fall and the early 2013 months, Ryback was perhaps the top babyface character in WWE.

That all changed on the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania. That is when Ryback attacked WWE champion John Cena and it appeared that the company was on the verge of creating a successful storyline between the two superstars.

However, if recent weeks are any indicator, the storyline with Ryback as a heel feuding with Cena has fallen on its head.

Whenever Ryback enters the ring, he gets virtually no reaction from the WWE Universe. A stark contrast from when WWE fans would chant “feed me more” every chance they got.

The goal as a heel is to generate a negative reaction from the WWE Universe–not no reaction. That is why the likes of CM Punk and Randy Orton are so successful as heels.

Perhaps where WWE went wrong was at Extreme Rules. If the company truly wanted to get Ryback over as a heel, then he would of had to have won the WWE championship in his last man standing match against Cena.

Punk set the standard as a heel champion, but regardless, a heel that is champion is always going to generate a reaction from the WWE Universe.

By having Ryback win at Extreme Rules, that would have added substance to the match between Cena and Ryback at Payback this Sunday. Instead of match appearing to be redundant as it does now.

That is why after Payback, where Ryback will almost certainly lose to Cena, Ryback should return to his babyface ways.

WWE is lacking true babyface characters at this point in time, and Ryback has proven that he is capable of getting over as a babyface.

With SummerSlam quickly approaching, turning Ryback back into a babyface that everyone wants to see may be the best business decision that WWE could make.

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