CM Punk To Return As A Babyface?

The stage is set for CM Punk’s return to WWE at Payback on Sunday. The stage is also set for Punk to return as a babyface.

Punk has not appeared on WWE programming since April 15. Since then, Punk’s value to WWE has been truly recognized by the WWE Universe. It is rather obvious to see the difference in WWE programming when Punk is present and when Punk is not present.

Then there was what happened one week ago on Friday Night Smackdown. For a brief few seconds, Punk’s music hit and the fans in attendance offered a reaction that was exhilarating.

Now imagine what will happen on Sunday. Not only is Punk making his much-anticipated return, but the WWE superstar is making his much-anticipated return while competing in his hometown. There is no question that Punk is going to receive an incredible pop from the fans in attendance at Payback and that likely will ignite a babyface run for Punk.

There has been much speculation about WWE turning Punk babyface, and the main reason for the turn would be to start a feud between Punk and his current manager Paul Heyman. Rumors are circling over recent days that Heyman will turn on Punk at Payback in a scenario that would also see Punk’s opponent, Chris Jericho, make a heel turn.

A feud between Punk and Heyman would lead to an eventual match between Punk and Lesnar. Despite their Heyman connection, Punk and Lesnar have never been seen on WWE programming together. The idea behind that was because WWE did not want to jeopardize the opportunity to have Punk and Lesnar compete in a match.

No word on when the match could happen, but chances are it would take place at WWE SummerSlam.

First things first, and that is that Punk has to make babyface turn. That turn could take place on Sunday at Payback.

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