Mark Henry With A Brilliant Promo On Monday Night Raw

Mark Henry returned to Monday Night Raw for the first time since Extreme Rules.

Throughout the day, there was speculation that Henry was going to announce his retirement from WWE.

After John Cena cut a promo about his ability to overcome any opponent that challenges him at WWE Money in the Bank, Henry entered the ring while placing his wrestling boots at the top of the stage.

Henry went on a promo that seemed to indicate that he was retiring. Henry credited Cena, who was still at ringside, for being an incredible WWE champion. Henry went on to thank the WWE Universe and tell his family that he is coming home.

That is when Cena entered the ring to allow Henry to hold up the WWE Championship, a championship that Henry has never won. Cena went to hug Henry and that is when Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Cena. That would seem to set-up a feud between Henry and Cena leading to a match at WWE Money in the Bank.

This was a perfect promo by Henry and it should lead to a great storyline between the two superstars.

Interesting enough, Daniel Bryan was unable to complete a match against Randy Orton because of medical reasons. With Henry challenging Cena at WWE Money in the Bank, it would appear that Bryan is legitimately injured.

Bryan was expected to face Cena at Money in the Bank, though that apparently will not happen because of the injury.


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