Monday Night Raw Preview (6/17/2013)

Typically, the Monday Night Raw after a pay-per view event are successful.

Tonight should be no different.

There are many storyline opportunities that were created as a result from what happened at WWE Payback and that is reason enough to be excited for Raw tonight.

CM Punk returned on Sunday to face Chris Jericho, but Punk has not been advertised for this edition of Raw. Remember, Punk was originally pulled from all WWE events for most of Summer, so the lack of advertisement may be the result of that. Though, there is speculation that WWE is going with a mystery angle for his return.

No matter if Punk appears or not, expect WWE to continue to build towards a split between Punk and Paul Heyman. The seeds to that split were planted on Sunday and that should continue tonight. Assuming Punk does split from Heyman, that may lead to a feud with Curtis Axle. That feud may begin tonight.

Speaking of Axle, Vince McMahon is expecting the new intercontinental champion to face Triple H tonight. Though, Triple H no longer feels a desire for the match. Expect WWE to continue to build upon the growing tensions between McMahon and Triple H.

WWE will also build a new feud for WWE champion John Cena. Cena effectively ended his feud with Ryback on Sunday and will now enter his next feud. That feud is expected to be with Daniel Bryan as the two are currently scheduled to fight at the Money in the Bank pay-per view in July.

Bryan along with Randy Orton lost to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield on Sunday. After the match and Shield member, Dean Ambrose’s victory, The Shield claimed a new reign of dominance. So expect all three members of The Shield to be on display during Raw.

WWE will also have a storyline-injury update on Dolph Ziggler. WWE is working with the angle of Ziggler suffering from post-concussion symptoms. There will also be an injury update on Ryback.

Mark Henry is returning tonight after being absent since WWE Extreme Rules. Henry teased a retirement announcement on Sunday night through twitter.


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