Opening Segment Of Raw Confirms Turns For CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio

In the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, WWE confirmed the character turns that were speculated upon after WWE Payback.

New World Heayweight champion Alberto Del Rio entered the ring and cut a promo against the WWE universe. Del Rio suggested that nothing good happened when he did things on the behalf of the WWE Universe. Del Rio suggested that what he did on Sunday night, repeatedly attacking the head of Dolph Ziggler, was for himself and he was rewarded for it by winning the championship. Del Rio also suggested that he was the best.

That would be when CM Punk entered the ring. Punk received yet another incredible pop and corrected Del Rio. Punk reminded Del Rio that he was the one that beat Del Rio for the WWE championship in November of 2011. Punk once again stated that he was the best in the world. Punk proceeded to challenge Del Rio to match on Raw.

After Paul Heyman and Del Rio voiced their objections, Vicki Guerrero confirmed that the match would happen.

After Raw came back from commercial break, WWE cameras showed Punk and Heyman talking backstage. Punk told Heyman that he was not Heyman’s client and the he no longer wanted the manager at ringside. With that, WWE has officially split Punk from Heyman.

Expect Punk to begin a feud with Heyman and it could start with Curtis Axle potentially getting involved in the match between Del Rio and Punk on Raw.

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