Tension Between CM Punk and Paul Heyman?

During CM Punk’s return match at WWE Payback, it was clear that Punk and Heyman were not on the same page.

After CM Punk’s victory, an exclusive wwe.com video showed Punk and Heyman talking backstage.

In the video, Punk was explaining the difference between himself and Heyman’s clients–Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axle. Punk says that both Lesnar and Axle need Heyman as their manager and that he does not. Punk was upset with idea that Heyman viewed him as  a client. Punk corrected Heyman and declared that the two were friends, not manager and client.

A split between Punk and Heyman is coming. A result of that split could be what leads to Punk’s next two opponents at pay-per view events.

Meaning it is possible that Punk will face Axle at the Money in the Bank pay-per view next month, and then Lesnar at SummerSlam.

A split from Heyman would likely turn Punk into a babyface and lead to feuds with heels such as Axle and Lesnar. Punk is not expected to be in the mix for a title opportunity this summer so feuding with Heyman clients appears to be a logical outcome for Punk.



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