WWE Payback Review

It has been nearly 24 hours after the WWE Payback pay-per view and the feeling that was existent immediately after the event is the same feeling that is prevailing now.

That feeling is that Payback was an impressive event with an awful ending.

Perhaps the biggest thing that occurred at Payback was the announcement of Rob Van Dam returning at the WWE Money In The Bank pay-per view. That announcement received a huge pop from the Chicago crowd and chants of RVD continued throughout the night.

But make no mistake, CM Punk got the biggest pop of the night. Punk returned on Sunday to face Chris Jericho. To no one’s surprise, the match between Punk and Jericho stole the show. The match featured an impressive series of back and forth maneuvering by both superstars until Punk consecutively hit two GTSs and won the match. During the match, there appeared to be tension between Punk and Paul Heyman. WWE apparently planting the seeds to Punk’s split from Heyman.

The World Heavyweight Championship match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio was surprising to say the least. The match featured a double character turn. Del Rio was consistently taking unnecessary shots at Ziggler’s head, and that ultimately is what led to Del Rio winning the Heavyweight championship from Ziggler. During the match, the crowd and announce crew turned on Del Rio and began to support Ziggler. It appears that Del Rio will now be operating as heel and Ziggler a babyface.

The Shield was victorious in their championship matches. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to retain the tag team titles. Shortly before the match ended, Orton threw Bryan into a spear from Reigns. It appears that Orton is on the verge of making a heel turn. Dean Ambrose retained the United States championship after Kane was counted out.

Curtis Axle won the intercontinental championship on Sunday. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as WWE continues to build up Axle’s character.

AJ Lee also won the divas championship.

It has to be mentioned. The disappointing feud between John Cena and Ryback came to a disappointing end on Sunday. After Ryback won the lumberjack portion of the three stages of hell match, WWE paged super-Cena as the WWE champion won the next two stages to retain his title.

All in all, it was a successful pay-per view for WWE. Punk’s return; the announcement of RVD’s return; and the double character turn between Ziggler and Del Rio carried the event.


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