Is WWE Showing Their Hand With RVD Return?

News within WWE has certainly been buzz-worthy this past week.

However, there is no news bigger than the announcement that WWE made last Sunday.

During the WWE Payback pay-per view last Sunday, WWE announced that Rob Van Dam would make his return to the company at the Money in the Bank pay-per view in July.

Since that announcement, there has been speculation about the angle for Van Dam’s return.

Though, it would seem that WWE is already showing their hand with Van Dam’s return.

Van Dam’s return will take place in Philadelphia at the Money in the Bank pay-per view. The highlight of the Money in the Bank pay-per view is, of course, the Money in the Bank ladder match. The match that pits six superstars against each other in attempt to grab the contract for a guaranteed title match that is dangling above the ring.

The guess here is that Van Dam will be one of the six participants in that match. After all, Van Dam has earned a reputation of performing well in ladder matches.

The question now becomes whether or not Van Dam will win the match. Van Dam is not expected to make a long-term run with the company, so there may be some scrutiny if he wins the match. However, there is logic to WWE having Van Dam win the match.

Van Dam’s return is highly anticipated. By having Van Dam win the Money in the Bank match, the anticipation for his return would transition into anticipation for when he decides to cash the contract in. Speculation has suggested that Van Dam could cash the contract in, if he indeed wins it, at SummerSlam.

Meaning that will add anticipation for WWE’s top pay-per view in the Summer. That is something that likely would create business success for the company as well.

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