Monday Night Raw Preview (07/01/13)

WWE is riding a successful two-week span of Monday Night Raws.

Granted last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was not nearly as impressive as the one two weeks ago, some hope has been restored in the WWE creative staff.

Will the successful string continue tonight?

There are several storylines that figure to make tonight’s episode of Raw worthwhile.

Perhaps no storyline is bigger than the one that is growing with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. WWE is slowly but surely progressing towards a point where Punk and Heyman go from friends to enemies. Punk is set to tag with Heyman-client, Curtis Axle, to face the Prime-Time Players.

It will be interesting to see what happens during this tag team match. Punk clearly wasn’t too pleased when Axle came to his aid last week on Raw and it is possible that there could be match between the two in the near future.

Beyond the Punk-Heyman storyline, there is the feud between John Cena and Mark Henry.

Henry and Cena made separate promos on last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw so it is possible that the two could come face-to-face tonight. WWE is attempting to get Cena completely over as the WWE champion, though, that appears to be an impossible task.

Speaking of championships, Alberto Del Rio will continue to push his heel World Heayvweight Championship run. Del Rio will face Dolph Ziggler at the Money in the Bank pay-per view. Ziggler is getting over well with the WWE Universe, so expect his push to continue tonight as well.

Expect more to come from the storyline between Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and Kane. It seems unlikely that Kane will face Orton again, so perhaps the former Team Hell No! members will square off with one another.

Triple H and Vince McMahon are scheduled to appear as well as the two continue to vie for power. It remains unclear how this storyline will end, though it may include with one of the two finding a permanent general manager for Monday Night Raw.

Also, perhaps/maybe this might actually just be the week that The Wyatt Family debuts.

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