WWE Money In The Bank Results: Alberto Del Rio Retains Title

After a dry spell of matches after the Money in the Bank match for a shot at the World Title, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio looked to liven the crowd up during the WWE World championship match.

There is no question that Ziggler was over with the fans. The match started with fans in attendance chanting “lets go Ziggler.”

Del Rio began the match by implementing the same strategy that he used at WWE Payback. That strategy was attacking the head of the previously concussed Ziggler.

Those attacks on the head gave Del Rio the early advantage.

The attacks on the head continued until Ziggler avoided Del Rio’s sliding kick that led to the World Heavyweight Champion landing outside of the ring.

Ziggler proceeded to hit the faceplant from the top rope on Del Rio and that gave the challenger the momentum in the match.

Ziggler attempted the Fame-Asser but Del Rio countered with a pin attempt.

Ziggler kicked out and successfully hit the maneuver on Del Rio. Ziggler went for the pin but Del Rio kicked out at 2.

After Del Rio kicked out after Ziggler hit a drop-kick, AJ Lee entered ringside.

Lee inadvertently distracted Ziggler. That allowed Del Rio to gain control of the match.

That would be when Lee entered the ring and hit Del Rio with the Divas title. Del Rio retained the World Heavyweight Title after Ziggler was disqualified.

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