WWE Money In The Bank Results: Curtis Axle Retains Intercontinental Championship

In the second match of the night, The Miz faced Curtis Axle for the intercontinental championship.

The match began with Axle and The Miz going back and forth in the ring. The turning point of the match was when Paul Heyman was ejected from ringside. The Miz baited Heyman into being ejected.

Both the Miz and Heyman were outside the ring facing each other. Miz clapped his hands and dropped to the floor. The referee assumed that Heyman hit Miz and ejected the manager from the ring.

The Miz went on to take the momentum of the match.

There was a point in the match when The Miz had the figure-4 lock on Axle for several seconds. Axle managed to get to the ropes and The Miz had to relinquish the hold.

Axle proceeded to gain the upper-hand on The Miz and that is when the Axle kicked Miz in the head and then drove his head into the mat.

Axle went on to pin Miz and retain the intercontinental championship.

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