WWE Money In The Bank Results: Ryback Defeats Chris Jericho

In perhaps the dullest match of the night, Chris Jericho faced Ryback.

The feud between Jericho and Ryback is one that WWE has had in the works for some time.

On the surface, the feud had potential to be a successful one.

The problem was WWE failed to properly build the match up.

That led to a match that WWE fans in attendance at the Money in the Bank pay-per view were not interested in.

The match featured a series of back and forths between the two superstars. Ryback continued to sell the leg injury he suffered on Friday Night Smackdown, and that was a focus point for Jericho.

After Jericho hit a modified codebreaker on Ryback, Ryback landed outside of the ring.

It took Ryback 9 seconds to return to the ring.

Jericho went for the lionsault, however, Ryback countered and rolled Jericho up for the pin and the victory.

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