WWE Battleground: Alberto Del Rio Retains WWE Heavyweight Title

WWE Battleground began with the World Heavyweight Championship match between Rob Van Dam and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Entering this match, the sense is that this will be the final nail in the coffin for the feud between Van Dam and Del Rio. Van Dam is scheduled for some off time in October meaning this match likely served as his send-off.


The hardcore rules was an attempt for WWE to generate interest in this match. Though with interest in Del Rio wavering, there was not much that WWE could have done right in order to generate interest in this match.

The match began with Van Dam and his hardcore roots having a clear advantage over Del Rio. Through the use of the steel chair and ladder, Van Dam managed to get the upper hand on Del Rio early in the match. Del Rio gained the advantage and quickly began using the various weapons around the ring to get the upper hand on Van Dam. Van Dam, however, quickly recovered when he drop-kicked a trash can into a diving Del Rio.

The momentum may have shifted when Van Dam went for the rolling thunder on Del Rio–who was laying on the ladder. Del Rio moved from the ladder forcing Van Dam to hit the ladder head first. After Del Rio thwarted an attempted attack by Ricardo Rodriguez, Van Dam kicked the ladder from the ring onto Del Rio outside of the ring. Van Dam proceeded to hit the frog-splash on Del Rio as he was underneath the ladder. Though, Van Dam’s momentum halted when he missed a Vanterminator attempt with a chair.

Del Rio then wrapped Van Dam’s arm in the steel chair and applied the arm lock. Van Dam was forced to tap out and Del Rio retained the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

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