WWE Hell In The Cell: R-Truth Featured In Promo Video For Next Pay-Per View

As per the course during WWE Pay-Per Views, the company released the following promotional video for their next pay-per view event. The next pay-per view event for WWE is Hell in the Cell on October 27.

The video features WWE superstar R-Truth serving as preacher discussing how he has seen hell on earth as he describes the dimensions of the cell while suggesting that salvation won’t be found within it.

R-Truth is also featured on the promotional poster for the pay-per view meaning the superstar will likely be a prominent figure for the event. As such, R-Truth is likely going to get a push soon.

Truth competed against Curtis Axel last night at WWE Battleground but was unsuccessful in trying to obtain the intercontinental championship. During the match, the announcing crew made a point in noting that Truth has not been given many title opportunities in his career–something that Stephanie McMahon made the superstar aware of.

To the speculation of a potential push of Truth, it is being reported that WWE creative staff is planning heel turn for the superstar. That may shed some light onto the direction that WWE is headed in with Truth and the Hell in the Cell pay-per view. It is possible that Truth could feud with Daniel Bryan.

No word what direction WWE will go with after last night’s finish to the pay-per view that saw Big Show knock out Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, but it is expected that Big Show will soon feud with Orton. Meaning that could leave Bryan open to feud with Truth.

Though, it is possible that we see one more match between Orton and Bryan.

Regardless, expect Truth to be at least one superstar that gets a renewed push in the weeks leading into WWE’s next pay-per view event.

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