WWE Monday Night Raw: Brad Maddox Apologizes; Announces Match For WWE Hell In The Cell

After firing the Big Show on the opening segment of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon was later shown in the office of Monday Night Raw general manager Brad Maddox.

As with Big Show, McMahon expressed her frustration with Maddox’s behavior on Sunday. But, McMahon did not fire Maddox. Instead, Maddox was ordered to go out to the stage-area and apologize.


That is what Maddox did. The first thing Maddox did when he took the stage was apologize for the events that took place on Sunday. After his apology, Maddox made an announcement.

That announcement was in relation to the WWE Hell in the Cell pay-per view that is scheduled for the last Sunday in October.

Maddox announced that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will have one final match for the WWE championship. The match will take place at the Hell in the Cell pay-per view with the hell in the cell stipulation. In addition, Maddox announced that there would be a special guest referee for the match. The special guest referee will be one of three potential hall of fame candidates. The candidate with the most votes from the WWE universe will be the special guest referee.

With this announcement, the end of the feud between Orton and Bryan is in sight. Typically, WWE uses hell in the cell matches as a tool to end feuds. That should be the case at the Hell in Cell as that marks the third consecutive pay-per view in which Bryan and Orton were competing against each other for the WWE championship.

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