WWE Monday Night Raw: CM Punk Aided By R-Truth Against Heyman Clan

The story-line between CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Ryback, and Curtis Axel continued on Monday Night Raw.

During the show, Heyman entered the ring along with Ryback and Axel to cut a promo on Punk. Heyman stated that while he is the only one that can say he has a pin-fall victory over Punk with his hands tied behind his back, the controversial manager also gave credit to Punk for defeating Ryback at the WWE Battleground pay-per view. It was a backhanded compliment though as Heyman accused Punk of cheating to defeat Ryback.

That would be when Punk took to the stage. Punk cut a promo on Heyman’s clan while alluding to a potential rematch at the WWE Hell in the Cell pay-per view in three weeks. As Punk was seemingly about to make his way to the ring, R-Truth came out. Truth came out to assist Punk. Remember, Truth was defeated by Axel on Sunday.


That led to a tag-team match between the four superstars. The match was the typical tag-team match that one normally sees on Monday Night Raw. A series of momentum shifts with a commercial break in between. After Punk cleared the ring of Ryback and hit the GTS on Axel, he tagged in R-Truth who secured the pin-fall victory for the tag team.

It should be noted that R-Truth is featured in the promotional video and poster for the WWE Hell in the Cell pay-per view. It is entirely likely that the pay-per view may involve some sort of match that pits Truth and Punk against Axel and Ryback.

One thing to caution though is that the Hell in the Cell pay-per view will likely mark the end for the story-line between Punk and Heyman. Meaning WWE may not want to water it down with a tag-team match.

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