WWE Monday Night Raw: Shawn Michael Named Referee For Hell in The Cell Main Event

On Monday Night Raw, general manager Brad Maddox announced that for the main event at the WWE Hell in the Cell pay-per view there would be a WWE championship match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan in a hell in the cell match.

Maddox also announced that there would be a special guest referee for that match. That special guest referee would be one of three potential hall of famers and will be voted upon by the WWE universe. The three candidates were Bob Backlund, Shawn Michaels, and Booker T.

It should come as no surprise that Michael was voted as the special guest referee.


This certainly was a nice addition to the storyline between Orton and Bryan. The problem entering Raw with the feud between Orton and Bryan was that it has grown stale. At least with the addition of Michaels, the feud now has some intrigue.

Intrigue in the sense that Michaels has ties to both sides of the feud. It was widely known that Michaels trained Bryan and is looked upon by Bryan as a mentor. It also widely known that Michael is best friends with Triple H. The same Triple H that has supported Orton in recent months. Michaels did admit, however, that there was a mutual feeling of disdain between he and Orton.

The only issue with the special guest referee addition is that is allows for a gimmick finish. The idea is that this match between Orton and Bryan is supposed to end their feud. It typically is tough for feuds to be concluded with a match including a special guest referee, though, Michaels has a history of being a referee in these types of matches.

Nonetheless, the addition of Michael certainly improves the marketability of the match between Orton and Bryan at the Hell in the Cell pay-per view.

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