WWE Monday Night Raw: Stephanie McMahon Fires Big Show

The opening segment of Monday Night Raw following the WWE Battleground pay-per view saw Stephanie McMahon at the center of ring talking about the events that ended the pay-per view.

McMahon expressed her outrage over the actions of Big Show on Sunday. McMahon indicated that Big Show ruined the WWE title match and consequently upset the WWE universe, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan. After expressing her frustration, McMahon then ordered Big Show to the ring to explain his actions.


As soon as Big show entered the ring, McMahon ordered an explanation. Instead, Big Show was non-compliant and indicated that he was upset with how he has been treated as of late. When explaining his actions, Big Show indicated that knocking out Orton was an audible of his own. However, Big Show indicted McMahon as the one who orchestrated the knockout on Bryan. McMahon of coursed denied the accusation. As part of the storyline, McMahon and Triple H were not displayed at the pay-per view because of an emergency at WWE headquarters. In any event, Big Show alluded to the idea that McMahon instructed Brad Maddox on what to do.

The segment ended with McMahon in the ring slapping Big Show and then firing the superstar.

Of course, this was a storyline firing.

Big Show is still very much involved in the McMahon storyline. It is expected that Big Show will soon feud with Randy Orton, though, talks of Big Show also facing Triple H has been going around the WWE creative team.

There has been this idea going around that when Vince McMahon returns to TV, he will be against his daughter and son-in-law. The conclusion of this storyline likely will not come until Wrestlemania 30 but McMahon’s return is said to come sooner rather than later.

The speculation here is that along with his return, the chairman of the board will likely re-instate Big Show.

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