WWE Hell in The Cell: The Rock Not Making An Appearance

The relationship between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the WWE continues to be on shaky grounds.

The last time Johnson was seen on WWE Programming was Wrestlemania 29. That was where Johnson defended the WWE Championship against John Cena. It was the second match between the two WWE icons, and this time, Cena got the better of the veteran and defeated Johnson for the WWE Championship. During the match, Johnson suffered multiple injuries including a torn abdomen.

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On the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 29, Johnson was scheduled to appear and set-up his storyline for Wrestlemania 30. In the segment, Johnson was supposed to talk about his loss to Cena before being attacked by Brock Lesnar. Johnson never showed for the event. Instead, immediately after Wrestlemania, Johnson–without telling WWE officials–flew back to his home in Miami and presumably began to recover from his injuries. Johnson required surgery to repair his torn abdomen and that is something that WWE covered.

However, since then, there has been little connection to WWE and Johnson. WWE 2K14 is set to be released in nearly two weeks with Johnson being the cover-guy for the video game. But, there are currently no plans for Johnson to appear on any WWE Program.

There was talk several months ago that Johnson was going to appear at the WWE Hell in the Cell pay-per view, which is in Miami, to set up an angle for Wrestlemania 30. Reports on Friday now indicate that Johnson will not be appearing at the pay-per view, thus raising serious doubt that Johnson will be working Wrestlemania season for WWE.

The relationship between Johnson and WWE appears to be deteriorating. Publicly, Vince McMahon is complimentary of the company’s relationship with Johnson, but actions speak louder. WWE has essentially halted the production of any new merchandise for The Rock and the two sides don’t appear to have been in much contact recently.

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