WWE Monday Night Raw: Shawn Michaels Confronted By Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels, the special guest referee for the Hell in the Cell match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at the Hell in the Cell pay-per view, was featured in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw.


Michaels began the segment by discussing his connections with the sides involved. Michaels confessed that he has always liked Bryan while never liking Orton and that Triple H is his best friend. Michaels insisted that the match was not about him, instead the match was about crowning a new WWE champion. Michaels guaranteed that one man would walk out of the Hell in the Cell match as the WWE champion.

That would be when Orton interrupted Michaels and entered the ring.

Orton suggested that while Michaels has the WWE universe convinced, the WWE’s apex predator knows that Michaels resents him. Orton went on to cut a promo on how he plans to hurt Bryan while Michaels is forced to watch. Orton then alluded to Michaels’ association with screw jobs and threatened that such a thing will not occur during the match for the WWE championship.

Michaels insisted that he was not going to be intimidated by Orton. Orton proceeded to attempt the RKO on Michaels but Michaels countered by throwing Orton in the ropes and attempting a sweet chin music. Orton slid out of the ring before Michaels could connect.

That would lead into the match between Orton and The Miz.

It is clear how WWE is trying to work the angle with Michaels as the special guest referee for the WWE championship match between Orton and Bryan. WWE is trying to paint Michaels as a man conflicted while Michaels insist that he will call the match down the middle. In any event, this angle is adding a degree of interest in this match that may have been originally lacking.

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