Vignette For John Cena's Road To Recovery

During Monday Night Raw last night, the following vignette aired for John Cena’s road to recovery from triceps surgery.

Cena is returning to the WWE in two weeks after being sidelined for the past two months due to a triceps injury. Despite WWE hyping the return of Cena, there has been speculation that Cena will not actually wrestle at the Hell in the Cell pay-per view. To this point, all signs are pointing to Cena competing in two weeks. Though, it is interesting that WWE did not pick up on Cena’s recovery until after the announcement was made that the superstar would be returning on October 27.

The following promotional video also aired during Monday Night Raw hyping Cena’s match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight championship.

It shouldn’t surprise a lot of WWE fans that the company is angling Cena’s return as the superstar’s destiny to be a champion. Despite the fact Cena has won either the WWE championship or world heavyweight championship at least a dozen times. Though considering Cena will always generate some form of a reaction from the WWE fan-base especially if he is a champion, it makes sense for the returning superstar to take the heavyweight championship away from Del Rio.

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