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CM Punk finally turns his attention to The Authority


I for one believe it is about time ‘The voice of the voiceless’  turned his attention to Triple H and Stephanie. The very fact they are referred to as ‘The Authority’ should have Punk instantly enter rebellion mode. However, while CM Punk was otherwise engaged in his rivalry with the Paul Heyman guys, The Authority were screwing people over left, right and centre.

This seemed to go completely unnoticed for a fair while by someone regarded as The Straight Edge Superstar, evidenced by his pipe bomb back in 2011 (Still one of my favourite WWE moments ever).

Since Punk finally did turn his attention to The Authority, he has been the target of numerous attacks from The Shield for daring to speak his mind. For example, the handicap match at TLC was a great way for The Game and Stephanie to deliver a ‘legitimate’ beat down to Punk, but The Straight Edge Superstar had a different idea in mind. The turning points in that match both obviously being when Punk twice sidestepped Reigns, the latter resulting in a huge spear, inadvertently hitting Ambrose allowing Punk to steal the win.

Since that match at TLC we have seen Punk team with the Usos and fail to win, then we saw him scheduled to team with Daniel Bryan and John Cena, however this was turned into a 3 on 2 handicap match after Daniel Bryan was attacked backstage by The Wyatts (Bray Wyatt giving a great, if rather unsettling version of ‘Ring Around the Rosie’).

Nevertheless, the match ended in DQ for The Shield who went on to deliver a beat down to the pair, triple power bombing Cena and as they were about to do the same to Punk…enter Big E Langston to clear The Shield from the ring, setting up the latest showdown. A 6 man tag match with Punk, Cena and Langston on one side and The Shield on the other.

A back and forth affair ended with Langston hitting The Big Ending and covering Ambrose, only for Reigns and Rollins to break up the pin with a bit too much force, causing another DQ. Again, The Shield would go for the after match beatdown, this time however it would play out a little differently, as Punk and Cena re-entered the ring and hit both Rollins and Ambrose with their respective finishers, leaving all 3 members of the makeshift tag team standing tall in the ring.

So, what does this mean for Punks rebellious ways? The Shield are clearly The Authority’s go to guys when it comes to sending a message, so if they can’t keep Punk down and stop him speaking his mind who can? I wouldn’t bet on The Shield leaving Punk alone just yet, but I think The Authority are going to have to step it up a gear to silence Punk. Maybe these shortcomings will force The Authority to directly address Punk, something they seem very reluctant to do.

What do you think The Authority will do next to try and keep CM Punk down? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


Topics: CM Punk, WWE

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