Report: Kofi Kingston To Undergo Character Change

WrestleZone.com is reporting that Kofi Kingston is set to go through a character change. At this time, it is not clear what that means, though it is believed he will get new music and better booking in the next couple of weeks.

There is no news on if WWE plans to use him as a heel or face, but in recent creative meetings, WWE has discussed making him a higher priority. That seems to have started on Monday’s Raw, as Kingston picked up an upset win over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

A character change for Kingston is long overdue. I get that he draws well with the kids, but it’s just as much his style as his character, and he can stay face. If he wrestles the same style, but becomes a little more serious, he could draw well with the whole crowd, and become a serious title contender.

Kingston is very deserving of better booking and it is going to be very interesting to see where they go with him following Monday’s win over Orton. I think, that he will begin to get some wins over serious Superstars, he may never get a world title win, but he will main event a pay-per-view by Survivor Series of this year.

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