Report: WWE To Unify Intercontinental and US Championships at Elimination Chamber

F4Wonline.com is reporting that WWE plans to unify the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship at the Elimination Chamber in February. Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose, the current title holders, are expected to be the match participants.

This is an interesting idea, as it would leave the company with just two men’s singles titles, after the recent unification of the world titles. I like this idea, before the purchase of WCW, the WWE only used the WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship, and it worked. In this system, both titles meant something, it is hard to say that about the titles now. Ambrose rarely defends his US title, having last done so at the end of October, the night after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

In the two title system, the mid-card title can establish a Superstar as somebody who matters, while the world title officially elevates a guy to main event status.

I would like to see Langston win this match. Langston is well on his way to being a major star for the WWE, he’s good in the ring, he’s filled with charisma, and he is very entertaining on the mic. Ambrose should be preparing for an angle with his soon-to-be former Shield mates, a rivalry that would be so personal, titles need not be involved.

In the future, the WWE might need to have a purge of their roster, they have more talent than they know what to do with, and it’s hurting everybody. Having one world title and one mid-card title will be a good indicator on where they stand on certain talents, as the importance of each title rises dramatically.

This is not the beginning of the reintroduction of the cruiser weight division, or anything else fans might be clamoring for. WWE has been overloaded on talent and titles for far too long, now is the time they right that wrong.

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  • Bryant Douglass

    I think they should focus heavily on Tag Teams again and consider bringing back cruiserweights. My Opinion though. They were entertaining to watch.

    • Mike Smith

      I agree with you on tag teams.

      The reason I’m against the cruiserweights is that it was always better executed in WCW. WWE did okay with it, but they believe so much in big guys that cruiserweights wouldn’t get the same attention even if they had their own title.

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  • SmackMouth

    WWE title structure:

    WWE World Heavy Champion

    Intercontinental Title (Yes US Title has same prestige…but so did the TV title…no one is missing that)

    WWE Tag Team Titles

    Divas Title

    Having 1 mid-card title would help build the prestige of the IC title. Actually….the US title is like the low card title. The US title was only valuable right after the WCW fall. Now it’s just a paper title.