News on Chris Jericho's Potential Return

Rumors about Chris Jericho began making the rounds yesterday when The Winnipeg Sun advertised him for a WWE Live event in March.

Don’t get excited too fast though. F4Wonline.com is now reporting that the advertisement was a mistake, and the WWE has asked the newspaper to issue a correction.

This all seems pretty familiar. That’s probably because it just happened a couple of weeks ago when a Las Vegas arena spoiled the return of “The Animal” Batista.

This might be nothing, but it could be something. WWE immediately denied Batista’s return when the story broke, but acknowledged it with a vignette on the next Raw. They could be doing the same thing now with Jericho.

If Jericho is returning, it could be what’s best for business. WrestleMania is just better when Jericho has a really good match with a young guy and puts him over (Exhibit A: Fandango).

There are plenty of options for Jericho this year. Big E Langston stands to still have the Intercontinental Championship, or possibly the new unified championship, at WrestleMania XXX, a match with Jericho could be a huge boost to his championship reign.

Jericho could get involved with the newest member of the main roster Xavier Woods, or possibly another NXT call-up who arrives before WrestleMania.

An interesting idea for Jericho could be Sheamus. Sheamus could use a near-main event match with Jericho. Jericho has had many “WrestleMania Moments”, Sheamus hasn’t. Right now, he is remembered for the 18 second World Heavyweight Championship match against Daniel Bryan. If given the chance, Jericho could have a match, and a moment, with Sheamus that could launch him to legendary status.

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