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Latest Rumors Surrounding Sting's Potential Move to WWE

Last week, reports came out about the impending end to Sting’s TNA contract. Well, now two more reports have come out, both hint towards a Sting move to WWE.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Sting worked two live events last week. Sting rarely works these events and it is believed that he did this because he owed two appearances on his expiring contract.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter also reports that WWE officials have believed for months that this is the year that Sting will finally have a run in WWE, and talk recently has made it seem even more like it’s going to happen.

This is extremely good news for all sides. Sting has never worked for WWE, thus he has never worked at WrestleMania. Sting’s fantastic career has definitely earned him the right to have one match at the biggest spectacle in wrestling.

There are many possibilities for Sting in WWE, if he comes over. Sting could reasonably face anybody. He could face The Undertaker at WrestleMania, or put over a younger talent.

My guess is Sting would want to do everything he never did as a member of WCW and TNA. He would want to go to WrestleMania, Raw, pick up a few wins in his time here before losing a few big matches to younger talents. It’s unlikely, but if his contract were up in time, Sting might want to enter this Sunday’s Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant.

Sting is 54 years old, and he has slowed down considerably, but he still wants to be a wrestler. In recent years, he hasn’t done many live events, but he does a good amount of TV and pay-per-views. With the WWE Network coming out, and Sting’s long history with WCW, WWE would be getting plenty of bang for their buck in this deal.

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