WWE Royal Rumble Match Potential Outcomes


CM Punk

Ok, lets’ start with The Best in The World, unfortunately for Punk, being number one in the world has also made him entrant number one in the Rumble. ( I’m sure it had nothing to do with aggravating and then attacking Kane). Nonetheless, Punk will enter the ring 1st and face off against a currently unknown superstar, so he has to fight his way through 29 other superstars to win the Rumble. Now, I believe Punk has as good a chance as anybody before him to pull off this feat, he can use his technique to eliminate a few superstars and use his cunning to take breaks during the match and let other superstars do the work for him.


Scenario 2, Batista enters the Rumble, Batista Cleans house, Batista wins the rumble. And that’s about all there is too this particular scenario. Batista is riding the positive wave of his return and in contrast the Cena and Orton rivalry looks to be coming to a head, which highlights Batista as the candidate fresh off his return, to lead the run up to Wrestlemania with a feud against the champion.

The Shield

This one is probably my favourite. The Shield work together throughout the match, a few superman punches here, a few spears there and finally it comes down to all 3 members of The Shield. Now as evidenced by their brilliant promo on Smackdown last week, the trio will have no problem tossing each other over the top rope, or as Ambrose put it to Rollins “you would go sailin’ kid, work on your landing”. However, if this outcome really were to come true, I think most of us believe that the powerhouse Roman Reigns would dispose of the other two and stand tall, signifying his imminent rise to the top end of the roster. With rumours running rampant of a split, this could be the perfect place to start the beginning of the end.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

With Rumours of a return, in this scenario, The Rattlesnake storms down to the ring, beer in hand and takes it to the current roster… ok you got me, this scenario is completely made up from my own fantasy but I got excited thinking of different situations that can arise at the Royal Rumble. That plus the fact that with 20 superstars already announced, disappointingly the only plausible victors I can see are the 3 above, but with 10 still to go hopefully we will get a few surprises come the event.

What surprises are you hoping to see during the Rumble? Let us know in the comments section.

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