Royal Rumble Review: The Royal Rumble Match

Kofi Kingston hits his magical spot, he was  knocked off the apron, caught by NXT star Alexander Rusev, and put on the barricade by the ring. After that, he made an incredible jump from the barricade to the ring. Later on, he hung onto the bottom rope by his feet and hit Jack Swagger in the head with his own shoe.

Kevin Nash was the first and only surprise legend entrant of the match. No DDP, Jake “The Snake” Roberts or Chris Jericho.

Roman Reigns eliminated three people within the first minute he was in this match, he ended up with 12 eliminations, breaking Kane’s record of 11. He made it into the final two, after eliminating Sheamus to bring it down to him and Batista.

Towards the end of the match, Reigns eliminated Luke Harper, and Dean Ambrose snuck up behind him to try to eliminate him. Seth Rollins stopped him and they argued. Rollins and Ambrose then ended up battling with Antonio Cesaro, but Reigns eliminated all three. Staring down Ambrose and Rollins as they left.

In the final two, Reigns and Batista both hit spears. Reigns seemed prime to win, but Batista countered and threw him over the top rope for the win. The crowd mercilessly booed Batista and it was a horrible time for the WWE.

A notable omission, in the match, Daniel Bryan. The #30 spot seemed to be building up to something special, but out came Rey Mysterio for one of the most anti-climactic finishes in WWE history.

Winner: Batista by last eliminating Roman Reigns

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