Kid has meltdown after Batista wins the Royal Rumble (Video)

Not many fans were excited about how WWE booked this year’s Royal Rumble. Let’s face it! Daniel Bryan is the hottest superstar in professional wrestling right now, and he was left out of one of the biggest matches of the year. Instead, WWE opted to give Batista the win after returning to the WWE after a four year absence.

The backlash of excluding Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble has been huge. Online petitions surfaced over the internet and even current WWE superstars tweeted their displeasure about the booking.

One fan in particular got real upset and his family got it on video. His name is Michael according to the voice behind the camera and he’s not thrilled one bit. Watch this video (NSFW):

Now, apparently this isn’t the first time Michael has been unsatisfied with WWE’s Royal Rumble booking. Just last year, he had yet another meltdown after the Royal Rumble when The Rock won the WWE Championship over CM Punk:

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