Will WWE be forced to turn Batista sooner than planned?

After four years away from the company, Batista without a doubt would be returning to the WWE as a babyface, but because of poor booking that has faced a lot of criticism, the WWE could be forced to turn Batista heel quicker than expected.

When Batista returned, he received a really good pop. Granted had his return remained a secret, it could have been bigger. However, his cheers become boos long before the end of the main event at the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

It wasn’t anything Batista did himself (well, until after the event went off of the air) that got him booed, but it was how the WWE booked the match. The McMahon’s opted to leave their most popular and loved superstar, Daniel Bryan, out of the match. When it become obvious that Bryan wouldn’t be a surprise entrant into the match, the fans booed. It didn’t matter who was in the ring and who entered the match, they were booed in protest of excluding Daniel Bryan.

When Batista was crowned winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble, the boos continued. Despite playing a babyface, Batista proceeded to mock Daniel Bryan and flipped fans off after the pay-per-view went off air. Of course, the crowd was not a huge fan of that.

Last night on RAW, Batista mentioned Bryan and that earned him some more boos.

So because the WWE put Batista above Daniel Bryan in the title picture, will that force the WWE to turn him heel sooner than planned? Batista was set to turned heel after WrestleMania but the WWE Universe has made it clear they are not happy with the way Bryan is being treated. The fan’s opinion and protests may force the WWE to change creative plans all together before Elimination Chamber.

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