Report: CM Punk Walks Out On WWE

Fellow members of the Internet Wrestling Community, it appears that our worst fears have come true. CM Punk has reportedly told Vince McMahon he is going home.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Punk walked out on the WWE at Monday Night Raw. Following the disastrous crowd reaction to the Royal Rumble, the creative team had to do many rewrites to Raw’s script, in doing so, Punk was taken off the show completely. Punk said goodbye to Mr. McMahon and went on his way. Punk is no longer being advertised for WWE events moving forward.

In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, Punk told Ariel Helwani that him and Vince are both insomniacs, and that they are 4:00 am texting buddies, so there is every possibility that this situation gets resolved. For now though, we are left with a WWE that does not include CM Punk.

As bad as this news is, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Punk has been very forthright in the past, he never wanted to be a guy who wrestled forever. At 35-years-old, there was much speculation that he may have reached his targeted retirement age. In that same interview with MMAFighting.com, Punk confirmed that his contract would expire this summer, and that he was unsure if he would stay when that contract was up.

In the short-term, WWE has some work to do. Punk seemed destined for a match at WrestleMania XXX with Triple H, and now it appears that won’t happen.

In the long-term, if Punk is gone for good, that leaves the WWE with only John Cena and Randy Orton as top-tier full-time stars.

Enter: Daniel Bryan.

Bryan is the best option for the company to fill that role because he serves to the same niche independent audience as Punk, and Bryan has seemed prime to enter that top-tier for months. Now it appears WWE has lost the option to wait.

Hopefully, Punk’s issues with the company get resolved and he sticks around for a few more years. If they don’t get worked out, the WWE lost one of their top stars, it will be a tough hole to fill.

Do I think anybody could fill that hole?


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