Could CM Punk's WWE departure be a work?

The more that is learned of CM Punk’s reported departure, the more questions fans and media people have about the situation as a whole. It’s prompted some to have seriously doubts about the legitimacy of Punk’s depart. It poses the simple question: Is CM Punk’s departure a work for a storyline?

Back in 2011, CM Punk became a championship figure in the company and would remain in the championship picture through 2013. After becoming the No. 1 contender for John Cena’s WWE Championship, Punk laid out the famous pipe-bomb informing fans during his promo that his contract expired after Money in the Bank. He set out an ultimatum that he would walk in on the final night of his contract the condender, and would walk out as the WWE Champion. He did just that.

Of course weeks later, CM Punk was back on television and it had in turn been discovered that Punk had resigned with the company. To continue the anticipation and reaction from the crowd, WWE creative set forth to play it out as a storyline that Punk really had walked out on the company.

WWE’s had emergency creative meetings and Punk has been taken off of the schedules for future live events and television recording. But that isn’t to say Vince McMahon isn’t willing to do the extreme to make a storyline happen.

With many feeling nostalgia from that 2011 championship storyline, it’s not totally out of line to ask the question: is this part of a storyline?


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