Fantasy Booking The Next Few Months For Magnus

TNA has a budding star on their hands in Magnus. They have made some mistakes with him in recent months, but it can be salvaged.

First let me say, his heel turn happened way too early. The best time for a heel turn is when a guy is over as a face. Magnus was over, but few people were heartbroken by his turn.

That’s okay though, now is the time where they commit to his heel character. He needs to get clean wins though. I get that traditional wrestling says that heels don’t win clean, but that’s not how things work today. Heels need clean victories, but if they do cheat, they need to do it on their own, not all the time, but at least now and then. The match that took Sting out of TNA was not a clean win, I came out of that match thinking that there was no way he could have won it on his own, after it took six men to help him pull it off.

Over the next few months, Magnus needs to become a dominant heel champion. Whether the win comes clean or not, he needs to look like a force to be reckoned with. He should beat guys like Samoa Joe, James Storm, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. In the end, he needs to lose the title to a face EC3, after EC3 splits from “Team Dixie”.

He needs to turn back face at the end of this current angle with Dixie, after losing to EC3. Magnus has babyface written all over him, and he could be a huge moneymaker for them down the line. I think this guy has a great look, he’s good in the ring and he’s got plenty of charisma. If they handle him right for the next two years, TNA will be printing money.

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