Raw Preview: 2/3/2014

The first Raw since the CM Punk news broke. This show should be crowded, as WWE may begin to show some new direction on the Road to WrestleMania, after the Creative meetings of last week.

The Shield

The Shield have shown signs of falling apart in recent weeks. WWE.com’s “Five-Point Preview” for tonight’s show is asking if they can keep themselves together long enough to take down the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber. The Shield should continue to come unglued tonight, but their split should come at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, during their match with The Wyatt Family.

The Prime Time Players split

We may be seeing more interaction from the two men formerly known as The Prime Time Players. WWE.com is teasing something from the former tag partners, after their surprising split on last Friday’s SmackDown. These two probably won’t have a long feud, Titus O’Neil will probably beat down on Darren Young much like he did on Friday, and Titus will go over fast.

Alberto Del Rio and Batista

On last Monday’s Raw, Alberto Del Rio continued to set his eyes on Batista, and he vowed to stop “The Animal” from getting to WrestleMania. Where will he go now, following last week’s win over Kofi Kingston? I don’t really care, just as long as he faces somebody other than Kofi, Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara.

WWE Tag Team Championship Steel Cage match

As was announced last week by Triple H, the WWE Tag Team Championship will be on the line for the second straight week on Raw, after Brock Lesnar caused a no contest in last week’s match. There’s no chance The New Age Outlaws lose this match. They’ll retain after some Rhodes brothers miscommunication. The only difference is, this time there will be no interference, as it will take place inside a steel cage. Just like The Shield, the Rhodes brothers will show signs of falling apart.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match. He got there by winning a six-man tag match with John Cena and Sheamus, but those three will no longer be on the same side. Not to mention the other three participants, Christian, Antonio Cesaro and the champion, Randy Orton. Bryan’s momentum is sure to continue to pick up steam. The crowd loves this guy, and the crowd is the reason he’s in the Elimination Chamber match. We will probably begin to see the members of this match have one-on-one match-ups in the lead-up to the pay-per-view. Bryan-Cesaro is as good a start as any.

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