Report: Backstage News Coming Out of Raw on CM Punk and John Cena

News coming out of Raw is that there is no news on CM Punk.

PWInsider is reporting that nobody knows if Vince McMahon and Punk have had any communication since last Monday when Punk left. A lot is up in the air on what’s to come.

Additionally, a lot of the guys on the roster have reached out to Punk, with all their phone calls and text messages going unreturned.

Punk has always talked about being a guy who left and didn’t come back, unlike many of the others in wrestling’s past. This could be the beginning of that migration into obscurity. Many people seemed to believe he would be back, but that seems less and less likely with each new report that nothing has happened. However, it is important to remember that if anybody could convince Punk to come back, it is master promoter Mr. McMahon.

Punk called McMahon his texting buddy, and all it could take is one of their now infamous 4 am texting sessions to get him back in the WWE mix.

PWInsider also has some news on John Cena, who missed a live event on Sunday due to an eye injury. Same story as Punk, right now the news is no news. His status hasn’t been made clear, the missed live event may have been a precaution, or it may be a lot more serious, but it’s unfair to speculate.

Although, there is a lot of concern within the company that WrestleMania XXX is “falling off the rails” after Punk’s departure and Cena’s injury. With an event as big as WrestleMania, and with how crucial it is to the success of the WWE Network, it is easy to understand why WWE would be quick to overreact. However, it may not be so bad.

Still over two months away from WrestleMania XXX, a lot can happen. Plans can still change, and with the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view still to go before WrestleMania, there’s a lot of flexibility in WWE’s plans. It would be wise for the WWE to send Cena home and let him rest up, even if it means he misses Elimination Chamber, because if he misses WrestleMania, that would be a huge blow.

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