Report: Sting Not Viewed As A High Priority is reporting that WWE doesn’t view the signing of Sting as a high priority, so they are in no rush to officially ink the deal. Sting is not likely to wrestle at WrestleMania XXX because the WWE doesn’t want to rush him into a match.

That being said, PWInsider reports that WWE wants to bring him in because he will be a huge marketing tool for the WCW archives that will be a part of the WWE Network. They also know that they can make a lot of money in shirts and other types of merchandise.

This is the kind of irony that the Network creates. Sting is so valuable to them with the Network because of what he represented for WCW. However, Sting could really drive up pay-per-view buys, but they don’t care about those anymore, because of the Network.

People want to see Sting wrestle at WrestleMania, that’s why it’s great that WWE isn’t putting him on the card this year and they are waiting until next year.

Most fans never thought this day would come. After it was so close to happening a few times over the past few years, it seemed like Sting would never actually sign. Now that he’s going to be a part of WWE, but still not wrestle at WrestleMania, it’s going to make people want it to happen so much more.

Holding Sting off until WrestleMania 31 gives WWE a chance at sustained subscriptions. WWE’s biggest fear is people signing up for the Network and then cancelling after WrestleMania, that’s why they have the six-month commitment. With Sting a lock for WrestleMania 31, people might just hold on to their subscriptions.

If Sting doesn’t wrestle at WrestleMania XXX, it won’t be a popular decision, but that doesn’t make it a bad decision.

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