Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin Set to Receive WWE Tryouts

Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin will be receiving WWE tryouts this year.

Both men are signed to contracts with Ring of Honor, so they will have to wait until after those contracts expire to go through their respective tryouts. Elgin’s contract is expected to end in July, while Steen announced on his show that his contract ended in August.

Elgin has a very interesting look, but he obviously looks, and is, very strong, but Steen is a very different case. Steen is very athletic and can do a lot in the ring, but he doesn’t have a WWE look, which is very important to WWE, just ask Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno. Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that if Steen doesn’t show up to the WWE Performance Center with a better look, he will have very little chance of making it.

Both of these guys are supremely talented, and both deserve a chance to make money in a WWE ring. If you’ve never seen them before, here’s a little information.

Elgin is one of the strongest men on the independent scene. He plays a very intense character and gets over with the crowd based on his strength. One of his signature moves is a suspended suplex and he has the crowd count how long he holds it, and he routinely gets the crowd to a count of at least 60. As finishers, he uses either a crossface submission, or a turnbuckle powerbomb followed by a spinning powerbomb.

Steen is a completely different character. He is a serious character, but can make the crowd laugh at any point during any promo, or even any match. He doesn’t have the standard WWE body, but he is very versatile in the ring and he uses a very unique style. Steen’s already got a spot in the tag team division with his former partner and current NXT standout, Sami Zayn/El Generico. His finisher is a package piledriver, which would obviously have to change in WWE.

Both Steen and Elgin are guys who could get over, and WWE would be foolish to pass on them.

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