SmackDown Preview: 2/14/2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’ll be spending this romantic day watching SmackDown, like me, then it’s time to get ready. Here’s what you need to know:

Daniel Bryan

On Monday’s Raw, Bryan was given the night off by The Authority. However, he chose to make an appearance anyway while Kane was delivering an apology to Bryan. Bryan and Kane then brawled until Bryan got the upper-hand and Kane escaped through the crowd. On SmackDown, Bryan is set to team up with Christian and Sheamus in a match against The Shield. It’s not likely that Bryan’s team comes out on top in this match, but I doubt that’s all that we will see of him tonight. There should be more coming from the Goat-Faced Superstar and the Devil’s Favorite Demon.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match

Eight-man tag action is set for SmackDown as well. A brothers team of the Rhodes brothers and The Usos will take on The New Age Outlaws and Rybaxel. WWE.com is teasing something big coming for either The Usos or the Rhodes boys. Expect one member of that team to pull out the victory, and possibly earn his team a shot at The New Age Outlaws titles at Elimination Chamber.

Jack Swagger

WWE.com is also teasing something for Swagger tonight. His partner, Cesaro, is involved in SmackDown’s main event and the title match at the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and Swagger has shown signs of jealousy over the past few weeks. With all the hype building up around Cesaro, Swagger is sure to want to make a statement, it’s just a matter of who he uses to make that statement.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie will be in her first singles match tonight. WWE.com says she has been impressive in tag matches in the past, I must have missed those ones, because I saw the ones where she was terrible. Either way, she will probably only have a two minute match so it won’t make or break the show.

Randy Orton vs. Cesaro

Orton comes in 1-2 in his five-match series against his Elimination Chamber opponents. WWE.com is continuing the company’s recent trend of building Cesaro up as a “dark horse” in the Elimination Chamber match. Orton’s two losses have come to two of WWE’s biggest current stars, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, so it would be stunning to see Cesaro join those two in the win column. It’s tough to imagine Cesaro winning tonight, and inside the Chamber, but if he wins tonight, his odds for the pay-per-view will surely go up. Not to mention, with so much going on as we head to WrestleMania, and no news on what to expect for Cesaro, the only question I have is, why not?

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