News on Eva Marie's SmackDown Match And Examining Her Role Moving Forward

On Friday, the preview for SmackDown hyped Eva Marie’s first singles match. When the show aired on Friday night, the match did not.

According to PWMania.com, fans in attendance noted that the match was very sloppy. This could be the reason it didn’t air. WWE has been trying to put a lot of stock in Eva Marie. Between Total Divas, her slapping Jerry Lawler on Raw a few months back and her work in tag matches, WWE has tried to put her in the limelight where she is comfortable, but protect her in matches.

If this match was as sloppy as fans say, WWE did the right thing by pulling this match. Eva Marie shouldn’t have wrestled at all, when she gets in the ring, it’s not hard to see that she doesn’t belong there. That’s why WWE ends up now with an advertised match that didn’t air, and now we will probably see her in a live match on Raw, where WWE can’t protect her from a bad performance.

WWE would be doing themselves a huge favor if they put Eva Marie down in NXT. Seeing her in NXT on Total Divas with Jojo would bring a new dimension to the show. It would be an endorsement for NXT, not to mention give some extra TV time to NXT Divas like Paige and Emma, who could operate in the same role as AJ Lee. This is an endorsement that NXT could definitely use when the show begins to air on the WWE Network.

Then, when Eva Marie is ready she can be called back up to the main roster. I get WWE’s infatuation with her, but she just can’t wrestle. Of course, if WWE wants to keep her along as a non-wrestler, that would be fine too.

She could probably do well with backstage interviews, or maybe even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s assistant. WWE could even go old school and have her be a valet.

Wrestling clearly isn’t her thing, but WWE’s got the flexibility to come up with another on-camera role for her to play on Raw and SmackDown to keep her visible and hype Total Divas.

What do you think would be Eva Marie’s best role? Let me know in the comments section below.

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