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Vince Mcmahon To Buy Newcastle United?

Vince McMahon

This is just a quick one about the possibility of Vince taking ownership of Newcastle United. For anybody who may not be sure, the team plays in the English (football/soccer) Premier League.

If it is a plan to raise hype over here in the UK for the upcoming WWE events, Newcastle is probably a good choice considering their cult following known here as ‘The Geordies’. And I can say from experience they are up there with the craziest of people in the UK. Crazy as in, take your shirt off and bounce around in the middle of december laughing at how big your man boobs are during the football match.

The current owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, has been under fire for quite sometime, most recently because of the change to the name of the stadium. This among other issues has led to the Geordie faithful losing their already thin patience.

The Newcastle team itself is considered to be fairly strong, they had a blip a few years ago when they slipped into the lower division for a season, but besides that they have been a constant figure in the English Premier League. A good place for Vince to start building his franchise I would say.

Do you agree with my view or do you think Vince should forget the whole idea and concentrate on taking the WWE to a new level? Let me know in the comments below.



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