Diva’s Title Match Scrapped For WrestleMania 30

Surprise, surprise there are no official plans for the WWE Divas Championship at WrestleMania 30. The original plan, before Naomi suffered the eye injury at RAW, was for the her to face AJ Lee for the title. While not official, the likely scenario would have seen Naomi win the title as part of a story line for the second season of the “Total Divas” reality show. They had the same plan back last year as the season finale but they never went that route. Even though those plans may be off the table, there is a good chance that Naomi’s injury and recovery will be used as part of a Total Divas story line.

As far as Naomi’s role at WrestleMania 30 is concerned, after the company received word last week that she will not need surgery, there is still time to factor her into plans for this year’s WrestleMania. Possible tag team or six women tag team match.

Naomi is expected to be out of in-ring action for four-to-six weeks. She won’t be able to appear on television unless she drives to RAW, as the pressure on her eyes from a flight would be dangerous to her heath.

It’s unfortunate that she suffered this injury as this could be the highlight of her career. For all of you AJ Lee fans out there this is good for you as Lee will keep the title for a bit longer. There is no time table right now for Lee to the lose the belt.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Everything_April_Mendez

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for this article. I must apologize for the long post, but this statement was a long time coming.

    When I read this article, all I could do was shake my head. As a fan of
    both Naomi and the Black Widow I must say that the idea that WWE
    Creative was mulling over would further damage the credibility of the
    Divas Division. I do not know miss Lee personally, but I cannot fathom
    that she would tolerate such a ludicrous idea. No offense to the ‘Total
    Divas’ cast, but how would the WWE explain to their fans that the
    reason their top Diva would lose the title was because they wanted to
    add “spice” to a reality show that the true wrestling fans don´t even
    care about?

    I do not understand what they are trying to accomplish here. If the WWE wants to establish the Divas division as a major for in sports entertainment, then a few things need to happen:

    - The Diva´s division as a whole needs more air time. With Raw (and
    hopefully soon to be Smackdown as well) having a three hour time slot,
    it wouldn´t hurt to give them at least a half-hour time slot on each
    show. This would help to give more notoriety and much needed practice
    to the individual wrestlers. Three minute matches only furthers the
    false perception that the Divas are only there to be ogled and not to be
    taken seriously.

    - AJ Lee MUST perform at Wrestlemania!!!! She
    is the Alpha female of the division. The woman has done a phenomenal
    job with both her in-ring and superb acting skills. The least they can
    do is allow her to show off her amazing talent on the biggest stage of
    them all.

    - If AJ were to lose the title, (which personally
    would make me sad) then it would have to be in a high-stakes match that
    would get the WWE Universe talking and create such a shake-up in the
    Divas Division that even the skeptics would take notice.

    That being said, I would like to offer an alternative solution for Wrestlemania 30:

    It is well known that both the WWE Universe and members of the WWE itself
    would salivate at the idea of a Diva´s title match between AJ Lee and
    Stephanie Mcmahon. This match could either be promoted as an attempt by
    AJ to usurp full control of the Divas division from Stephanie or as an
    attempt for Stephanie to wrest the Diva´s Title from AJ (since until now
    she cannot be beaten). The stakes for this match would be as follows:

    - If AJ wins, she becomes the de-facto leader of the Diva´s division.
    The powers that she assumes would include adding new talent (including
    stables), sending Diva´s to the minors (NXT), creating matches and
    choosing when and how she would defend her Title. It would also provide
    the perfect opportunity for her to give the Bella twins what they
    desire and create a tag-team title for the Divas. This Story angle
    could go on for a period between 90 and 120 days. The only drawback to
    this idea is that Naomi would not be able to compete the singles title
    anytime soon, the stress of trying to competer for the singles and
    Tag-Team titles wold be too much for her due to her injury.

    - If Stephanie wins, she becomes the Diva´s Champion. Her additional
    “reward” would be to put AJ through hell. That means that she would
    force AJ to waive her return match and start from the bottom again. If
    AJ wants another shot at the Diva´s title she would have to face defeat
    EVERY SINGLE DIVA from NXT and the WWE main roster in order to earn the
    right at being the number 1 contender. In the meantime, Stephanie
    would then create a tournament to decide on an ‘appropriate’ Diva´s
    champion. That champion would obviously be either Brie Bella or Naomi,
    depending on who gets the bigger reaction (positive or negative) from
    the WWE Universe. Naturally AJ would go on a rampage that would include
    interfering in matches delivering pipe-bombs as if they were pizzas and
    possibly forming a formidable Stable that could include herself, Paige
    and Alicia Fox. This scenario could also last between 90 and 120 days
    depending on how well Creative would handle the fallout from such a
    monumental shift.

    Either way, the Diva´s division would flourish
    because it not only gives the fans what they want (watching AJ wreck
    havoc week in and week out) but it would also give other Diva´s the
    opportunity to shine. The Bella Twins would finally have their
    opportunity to become heels which, in my opinion would be an awesome
    choice since their characters have a natural tendency to be so. Naomi
    and Cameron will become forces to be reckoned with, Natalya can also use
    this opportunity to break out of her bland character style and Tamina
    could be the wild-card by providing muscle to both sides depending on
    the mood she is in. The NXT breakouts of Paige, Bailey and Emma would
    then be called upon to show off their talent and would also have to
    choose sides in order to either make or break their careers.

    This sort of shake-up is exactly what the Divas division needs. If WWE
    creative were to use this or a similar formula then the Women Wrestling
    will be long remembered for what they signed up to do and not just how
    they look.

  • Brandon Roberts

    no they will have a.j fight everyone