How Are WrestleMania 30 Ticket Sales Going?

– Within WWE there are concern for WrestleMania 30 ticket sales, the event is not yet officially sold out. There are, however, 9,916 of the 55,000-plus ticket holders who have their seats available at Basically, this means many of those tickets were purchased strictly for investment purposes.

The nosebleed seats are going for $46.90, and you can still buy two front-row seats for $13,000 a piece.

That is a high price for wrestling tickets, throw in the fact of plane tickets and hotel expenses. That is the reason you have to be a very dedicated WWE fan.

– Last Friday’s WWE SmackDown broadcast scored a 1.98 (2.0) cable rating. That is down from the previous week’s 2.15 (2.2) cable rating.

Smackdown last week was really good from the start to the ending of the show. It showcased not only younger talent, but pushing of the guard within WWE. Cesaro winning in the main showed that WWE might just be focusing their attention on the younger WWE superstars and molding them for the future. Plans change all the time in WWE and defiantly inside Vince McMahon’s head.

– Here are some of the latest attendance numbers for WWE live and TV events:

February 15th live event in Phoenix, Arizona drew approximately 7,000 fans.

February 16th live event in Las Vegas, Nevada drew approximately 6,000 fans.

February 17th RAW show in Denver, Colorado drew approximately 10,000 fans.

Not bad, but also it is the norm for WWE live event ticket sales.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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