More On Hulk Hogan Visiting WWE Performance Center (Photo)

– As noted, Hulk Hogan is coming home. featured photos of Hulk Hogan at the WWE Performance Center.

Hogan was there for a short time and worked out a little. For those who were wondering, Hogan did not step foot inside the rings, but did tour the facility and work out for a bit.

Hogan has been training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida and the Hulkster will make his re-debut with the WWE on “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 24th.

I am not sure if WWE wanted word getting out that Hogan was returning or not. Either way they get great exposure to main stream media about him returning and their product. If they wanted a good rating for this Monday’s Raw then they got it to say the least. Are you more excited for the WWE network or Hogan returning to WWE?

Check out the photo down below of him at the Performance Center:

TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports

WWE is said to be heavily interested in getting their feet wet in the podcast world. WWE has expressed desire “to take over the podcast world.”

Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and now Jim Ross have their own podcast. It is a good expansion of their product and if it can get more people watching them product the better. I do not expect them to take over the world of podcast and do not expect it to be as good as Austin’s, Jericho or Ross. They tell stories in their own personalities and do not feel forced.

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