WWE Creating Busy Schedule for WrestleMania 30 Week

Vince McMahon and WWE are going to great measures to keep the WWE roster and talent busy throughout the entire week for WrestleMania 30.

Since New Orleans is a party city, WWE reportedly does not want anything embarrassing to happen there during the week with talent. WrestleMania brings in a lot of revune not just for the city, but also WWE. They do not want to mess with their reputation for the biggest show of the year.

Vince McMahon also apparently said that he is not going to sleep at all during the week.

– As noted here on the website, both WWE RAW and SmackDown replays will not be available on the WWE Network. This is according to the Network FAQ, only the “best of RAW and SmackDown from 2012 and 2013″ are going to be available.

As everyone knows by now, the Network launches this Monday at 9:00am.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

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