Elimination Chamber: Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio Review

The second to last match at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was the contest between Batista and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio dominated this whole match, and then Batista won it a random spear at one point, and then a short comeback leading to a Batista Bomb.

This match was really won by the crowd. Those who watch WWE regularly know that Del Rio is far from a fan favorite, but “Si” chants filled the air in this one, and Del Rio definitely had the backing of this crowd.

Batista is just not getting over with the crowd and it’s time for WWE to realize it and turn him heel. Batista was brought in to be a big draw, which makes no sense, because he’s not. Not many fans were clamoring to get him back, yet WWE gave him the world to bring him in and the fans are telling them what they think.

WrestleMania is going to be very interesting.

One more match left for the pay-per-view:

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber MatchRandy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. Christian

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