Early Impressions of the WWE Network

The WWE Network is finally here, and it has certainly had it’s share of problems.

There were issues with streaming, there were issues with certain devices not operating properly, but we’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to stick with the content itself, what’s available immediately at launch, and what we should expect to see soon.

There are some pay-per-views missing at launch, but that’s at least a little understandable. That’s probably just a simple error. What’s disappointing is the lack of other in-ring content. There are only a few Raw and SmackDown episodes from before 2012. They have episodes from the original ECW Hardcore TV, but only four, picked seemingly at random. They only have three of their legends roundtables. Everything else is completely random as well.

Out of the ring, WWE has done a good job with the documentaries they have released in recent years, but only one of them is on the Network at launch.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, an episode of Countdown was available at launch (“Coolest Catchphrases”), and it was a great showcase for any skeptics of the show. They also did a good job showcasing good talent and their best matches on This is NXT in preparation for NXT Arrival this Thursday.

I typed this while watching the Raw Pre Show, which I can honestly say was an absolute home run. No doubt about it, this show was a great prelude to Monday Night Raw, and I can only hope that they keep this formula the same, and do the same thing for Friday Night SmackDown’s version.

There’s not much news on this yet, but I suspect that the missing pay-per-views will be available very soon, Royal Rumble 2014 especially. Now I’m not sure what’s holding them up as far as old episodes of Raw and SmackDown, but we may see them start to find their way to the archives.

WWE’s going to have to do a better job with the Network in the future. Many things that were advertised were not made available, and that’s the most frustrating part, however, I think WWE will make up for it in the long run.

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