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Has Jim Ross Called His Last Wrestling Match? NXT Arrival Reminder

– Jim Ross spoke with Jimmy Traina on The Buzz from Fox and was asked if he’s called his last match?

“I would love to call a match at WrestleMania,” JR admitted. “If I was being greedy, I’d love to call anything the Undertaker does at WrestleMania until he’s no longer doing it. But without sounding overly pessimistic, I just don’t see that happening. I hope I’m wrong. I’m ready to go do it. But I do think somewhere along the way, I’m gonna broadcast something.”


I truly think that it is wrong what WWE has done with Jim Ross. After everything they have done to him and he being so loyal to them is just wrong. I have personally met him at an Oklahoma Sooners football game and is really a nice guy. I think one day JR will return back to the WWE, but i do not expect it to be any time soon.

– Just a reminder, the new episode has not been added yet but most likely will this afternoon. NXT begins airing on the WWE Network every Thursday at 9pm EST beginning March 6th.

– WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension have been announced for tonight’s Arrival event on the WWE Network. Check out the video down below:

– Alexander Rusev & his Social Ambassador Lana LIVE! at tonight’s NXT Arrival:

– Want to see this man in NXT Live? Tyler Breeze had this to say:

– Don’t miss the drama unfold at #NXTArRIVAL! #TheArtiste Aiden English tells you how to watch!

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